Tvangeste „Firestorm”

This is finally something to „feed” my soul! And I am not speaking necessarily about audition only but as concept and execution while the inspiration is at its most! Orchestration Black Metal! What could be more serious than a collaboration of some young musicians devoted to extreme Metal tunes with symphonic orchestras or professional classic choirs!? Even if this is not quite unique on the Metal scene, this album has a certain charm and the classical or even the symphonic touches weight more than expected in TVANGESTE’s sound economy.

If the debut album insists as well on Epic Doom Death Metal sequences, the new material is focused solely on bombastic Black Metal full of atmosphere and Epic echoes yet featuring as well demonic vocals as in CRADLE OF FILTH manner. The contrast comes from those superb choirs who give such amazing sobriety and a certain value to Metal music so that the final result is really great! If I really intend to be a nasty character, I’d say that the Classic/Metal harmony is not that well balanced but I am sure that my ears as well must become acquainted with such mixing and approaches! This surely is a reference album for modern Black Metal and I advice you not to miss it!