TIDFALL „Instinct Gate”

It is almost incredible to observe how promising bands, at their debut, lose the nerve in the meanwhile of their career. This is the case of these Norwegians who, after an intriguing debut at NAP label, sign for Nuclear Blast and all seems to follow an ascendant trend. Perhaps that is the truth yet, up to my opinion, what these five musicians perform on „Instinct Gate” does not charm at all. Let’s clear my impression. When everybody plays Black Metal in Nordic technique and such albums record great sales, why should be innovative to create another approach of Black Metal? There should be no sense…the risk must be too overwhelming. So, it is much simpler to put in order some classical Black Metal passages into an atmospheric background (abundant keyboard), extremely fast battery, an angry voice, some special effects here and there…and here it comes another album-another subject of discussion.
If I had to reflect, strictly from musical point of view, TIDFALL might be a serious band, with an impressing sound, much rhythm and melodiousness, plenty of aggressiveness too and connections with hallucinating cosmic dimensions. Their strong point, in my personal view, is the battery while the sound’s specific feature might be the keyboard. This is an album dedicated to all modern Black Metal fans…it might cause some waves yet definitely not a storm.


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