THE KOVENANT „S.E.T.I” (english)

One of the most avant-gardes bands on the Metal scene, which seems to have decided to leave the dark tough underground orientation exploring now new commercial territories more appreciated and consumed these days. Otherwise, THE KOVENANT has offered, during the years, various albums, starting with the brilliant „In Times Before The Light” or an inspired „Nexus Polaris” and an electro Black Metal album such as „Animatronic”. Re-printing the debut of last year, under Hammerheart label, provides a modern sound, with synthetizer, various effects and distorted voices.

The new album seems to have as basis solely „Animatronic” album, while the effects resemble with the re-mastering of the debut. The Cyber element, mixed with electro frames of avant-garde, simply masters the whole sound, while spatial atmospheric passages or oriental or even Power Metal, Punk and Funk influences often interrupt the explosive rhythm. The staccato rhythm tends to unveil a new face of the Norwegians’ music, clear, sober voices merely remind of DEPECHE MODE at the same time as the distorted and aggressive ones seem to communicate in a weird manner with a resonant keyboard and various female vocals passing from opera, melodic until tribal or Byzantine profiles. The album is for sure very well conceived and performed, having probably as target fans of EBM or even LAIBACH. From the Metallic perspective, „S.E.T.I.” is a Disco-Electro-Power parody, a little funny and explosive, discharging a fantastic energy.

What I can say for sure is that the synth/keyb dimensions are amazing and the guitars’ riffs, although vindictive and noisy, plainly offer to the listener a unique and dynamic mood. From a different point of view, this album could be a challenge for those who are looking for a change, freshness or tricky rhythms. However, I am not attracted to such sonorities… on the contrary… I find them rather puerile and simplistic but THE KOVENANT actually proved me that I could listen to an album for more than 3 consecutively days. Either I became one of them… or the album really deserves more than subjective critics… I would not know for sure! Nevertheless, the band has nothing in common with -indulgently said- the Metallic one! It is rather too soft for the Black people and too noisy for the Electro camp… Yet, it is a challenge and it is worth it!